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Did you know 55% of British Butterflies face Extinction! They need your help now!

It is so simple to make a real difference just by creating wildlife areas in your garden.

Forget tidy gardens, butterflies and wildlife thrive on what most people consider to be weeds. Just by allowing areas of your garden to grow wild you can give local butterflies a chance to survive. Butterflies need plants to feed caterpillars and to drink nectar as adults. Caterpillars of the Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and Painted Lady love stinging nettles! Caterpillars of the The Holly Blue love Holly and Ivy. Grow Nasturtians for the Large and Small White. The adult butterflies drink nectar and common favourites are Buddleia, ivy, brambles, dandylions, marjoram and the Holly Blue likes honeydew from aphids.

Activities for Children.

Why not grow your own butterfly garden.

Top favourite flowers for butterflies are buddlia, hebe, lavender, marjoram, valeria, verbean and nasturtians.

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